We love the influence and effect that women can have in our world; and want to help you, as a woman of God, to be strong and mighty on the inside and out! We have a special ministry that will bless the lives of every woman, no matter what your age or occupation. How do we do this? Through weekly Bible studies, small groups, social events, activities, and periodic get-away retreats.
Women’s Heart Group
Saturday, July 13th 
With:  Doris
Where:  Village Inn I-70 & Kipling
in Wheat Ridge
Time:   8:30 a.m.
Women’s Heart Group
With:  Cindy
Will resume in August
Women’s Heart Group
Saturday, July 20th 
With:  Barb & Jaslyn
Where:  Vi’s Home for a Meatball Potluck
Time:  10:30 a.m.
Spiritual Journey
Women, we are meant to be on the most exciting journey each and every day of our lives! It’s not a journey that can be measured in miles your feet have traveled. It is a journey of the heart, measured by our daily spiritual growth in our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, and with one another.
Is your heart hungry to know God? Does it long to experience His love for you in a deeper way? Do you desire to see His love reaching out, through you, to a hurting world around you?
Agape Life Church extends an invitation to you! Come grow with us. Come, fall in love with Jesus and learn about all that He’s done for you! We have many opportunities that will encourage you in spiritual growth and in new friendships. Let’s take our spiritual journey with Jesus together!
Any questions? Contact Jan at