The purpose of KidREACH is to relate, educate, and communicate hope to kids in
our community by offering them a weekly program at Agape Life Church where they will receive
tutoring and guidance in order to prepare them for the next school year.
It is a fun, active and exciting way for kids to strengthen skills such as math and reading.
KidREACH is a program for kids ages 6+  that is offered free of charge to all children
in our church and our outreach community.

KidREACH takes place on designated Thursdays during the summer.


How This Program Works

  • We determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses by using an assessment placing test
  • We offer tutoring each Thursday where they will receive one-on-one help with their homework
  • We send home workbooks and homework with your child to work on until the next designated Thursday
  • We also include free lunch, free t-shirt, physical education, and spiritual education during this time
  • We provide a break time where they are able to develop friendships too!
This is a GREAT opportunity!

If you would like more information on this ministry please contact:

Melanie at 303-431-6481 or at