It’s easy to begin your Spiritual Journey!


Jesus loves you so much. He desires to have a relationship with you, and for your life to be filled with joy and purpose.  Check out John 3:16 to see how God loves you!


We all have a past.  We can’t go back and change or correct it, but Jesus can bring forgiveness to us for all our failures and mistakes. I John 1:9 tells us that when we talk to Him and ask His forgiveness that He gives it to us!


We all need a friend.  We aren’t meant to go through life alone, Jesus wants to be the friend that sticks right with us from this day on. In Hebrews 13:5 Jesus tells us that He will never leave us or walk away. Not only that, but He promises us eternal life and the destination of heaven, as our home.


Pray this prayer to begin a new, lifelong journey with Jesus! “Lord Jesus, I invite you to come into my life.  I do believe that you died for me and that your precious blood paid for all my sins and purchased eternal life for me.  I now say ‘Jesus, you are my Lord and Savior!’ I’ll never be alone again, in this life. You are here for me everyday, in every way. Thank you, Lord! Amen”
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For God so greatly loves and dearly prizes you that He sent Jesus to die for us so that we would believe in Him and have eternal life!




The Bible tells us in Luke 11:13 how much more will your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to all who ask him?  Simply pray this prayer “Father, I’m also asking you to fill me With the Holy Spirit, and I believe you are now doing this! I will speak with other tongues as you enable me by Your Spirit!”

Now begin to praise God out loud for how good He is to you! Thank Him for filling you with the Holy Spirit.  Begin to move your mouth and tongue and speak out the words and syllables you receive, it will not be in your own language, but a new language or tongue given to you by the Holy Spirit.  God does not force you to speak, we cooperate with Him. Speak in tongues and worship God this way, everyday!
(Check out Acts 2 and Jude 20)