Agape Life Church Nursery Guidelines

Below are our policies and procedures to ensure the safety and well being of our little ones.

Questions Parents May Ask


  • ·        How do I know my child is safe?
       All parents must sign in and out for each child, each service.
      When you sign in you will be given a badge with a number on it.
     This badge must be presented to pick up your child. No one else will
      have access to your child.


  • ·        How do I know if my child needs me? 
      Once you’ve signed in you will receive a badge with a number on it for your child.
      If you’re needed your number will show up on our front media screens.

Please come to the nursery to attend to your child if you see your number.


  • ·        What should I do with my child’s bag and supplies? 
      All items need be labeled with your child’s name.  This includes diaper bag, cups, bottles, and pacifiers.  Each child’s items will go in a cubby hole for safe keeping
      during class time.



 Our Policy for keeping a Healthy Environment

·        Safety is a concern in nursery and preschool classes in the areas of
      illness and the passing of germs around the class. While we can’t
      guarantee our nurseries and preschool classes are completely germ-free,
      we can cut down on the spread of colds and the flu by implementing a
      sick-child policy.  We will communicate  this to parents to ensure
      good health for all children.


·        Therefore if any child is sick with pink eye, coughing,
      bad runny nose (green discharge), diarrhea, or any other
      flu like symptoms the child must stay with their parent / guardian.


·        A REMINDER:  We do not administer any kind of medications.
      These include, teething gel and nasal syringes.


·        We do not share any of the child’s personal items with other children.
      This includes blankets, pacifiers, lotions, snacks etc.


·        Another key step, we will observe, is to thoroughly clean toys
      each week using the wipes provided in the work station.