You’ve Got “Staying Power!”

Have you ever grown weary? Weary from all the responsibilities in your job, in your family, at your home? Weary from standing, from enduring the storm, fighting the battle, maybe just plain old weary and worn?

Listen to this good news!

2 Corinthians 4:7 tells us this truth: The precious treasure (in you) is in jars of clay (plain, simple and worn). This treasure in you will show that this HUGE all surpassing power is from God and not from our own strength! Now, that’s some GOOD NEWS! You’ve got staying power!

One Christmas season we received some tickets for a big performance at the Pepsi Center, a special date night out together. We parked our car in an outer lot and began a long walk that would lead us up some stairs and over to the large entrance. As we crusted the stairs we quickly became engulfed in a massive crowd. If you know how short I am, you can imagine how quickly I became engulfed in armpits and backs, unable to see my way forward. My husband had grabbed my hand tight and refused to let me go as the crowd engulfed us and pushed forward. He pulled me in front of him, held on tight, and simply said, “Stay with me baby. It’s all going to be okay!” The doors were still locked, yet the crowd moved with great strength. I felt like it was more than I could endure, like I might cave in under the pressure. But each time the temptation came to be overcome and cave in; a strong hand would squeeze me tight and refuse to let me go.

Do you know that you have staying power? God promises us His all-surpassing power in us, will never let us go! So, today take heart, and know that He will see you through.

You’re going to make it! Stay with Him, He’s got a tight grip on you!
Love and Prayers,